ToBIOT Infrared Voice Navigation System
ToBIOT is the Infrared Voice Navigation System which is able to convey appropriate voice information to one by one in event site where people of diverse nationalities and ages come, shopping mall, museum and multinational plant.
What is the ToBIOT?

ToBIOT is composed of transmitter with infrared and receiver with power-less solar battery.
Communicator modulates MP3 voice data and analog voice signal into infrared accent in transmitter and then glow as an infrared light from LED.
Infrared from transmitter receives and generate electricity with solar battery in receiver and then turn into voice signal.

POINT1 You can use everywhere.

You can use in the place of radiowave-use regulation and radio interference because of using infrared.

POINT2 You can receive pinpoint voice guidance.

ToBIOT can provide pinpoint voice guidance in isolated area.
ToBIOT has directivity because of transmitting voice signal by light.

POINT3 Compact, Lightweight, Reasonable. Everyone can use easily.

Receiver does not need power.
That is why we can product compact, lightweight and reasonable receiver.
Because it can generate its power by infrared from transmitter and product voice signal.

ToBIOT Information

This is the specific products "ToBIOT ver.1" as a transmitter use ToBIOT technology.

Infrared Transmitter

Infrared Transmitter
  Driver Unit

Driver Unit


ToBIOT can provides enough sound volume with 600 LEDs.
You can save voice sound to SD card as MP3 sound source.
ToBIOT has the interface of Ethernet.
So you can control to download, play and stop sound source from network.


Infrared Transmitter Size W:750 H:106mm L:77mm
Weight Approximately 3kg
Power Supply from driver unit
Power Consumption N/A
Driver Unit Size W:290 H:70mm L:225mm
Weight Approximately 2.5kg
Power AC90-110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 120W
Memory Device SD card (Recommendation:512MB 20M/S type)
Sound Data Format MP3
Indicated Price 500,000en/set (exc. Tax)

Various Receivers

There are 2 type Receivers as below.
High-Quality Type

You can play high-quality voice sound with Dynamic Earbud and also megavolume with 63 Sphelar Solar Batteries which has enough power generation capacity.
JIS card size with volume.

Indicated Price 10,000en (exc. Tax)
  High-Quality Type
Reasonable Type

Reasonable Type is the same type of Aimulet-LA type which the card size voice sound guidance system with piezoelectric speaker was used during the World Exposition in Nagoya.
It uses 12 Sphelar Solar Batteries.
You can use outside because Solar Batteries is covered.

Indicated Price 1,500en (exc. Tax)
  Reasonable Type

The product in this picture is made of bamboo.
But it is possible to be made of plastic.

Remote Control System


Through a network, users can download and playback an audio of ToBIOT.
Users select ToBIOT from the administrative screen in the browser to selects an audio to playback.
Due to use a network, it would be fine the user and ToBIOT are at the different location if users are connected to the internet. And it will be possible to connect cameras to know the status of ToBIOT or to load various types of input from ToBIOT.


  OS Requirements
Control server Linux Java(JDK1.4)
Terminal control PC Windows2000
2 LAN Interface and Java(JDK1.4)
Administrative client   Internet Explorer 6

The current system is βtype(prototype).The specification will be modified flexibly.

ToBIOT Experience

ToBIOT Ver.1
ToBIOT is not shown to the public now.
But if you want, we will be willing to demonstrate it.
Please contact us.

E-mail address: info@caone.co.jp
AimuletGH is the one of voice sound delivery system which uses the same technology of ToBIOT and it was used during the World Exposition in Nagoya.
AimuletGH is different from ToBIOT Ver.1, but you can realize the same voice sound guidance system of ToBIOT.

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