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My Button Ver.1


"My Button" is a mobile terminal device that observes the user's natural, unconscious movements and provides information according to the user's various conditions, such as preferences, locations and so on. This is a small, light-weight and wearable terminal, which is integrated in the ubiquitous computing environment self-contained with a variety of devices (sensors, actuators, CPU and other computing resources) . Needless to say, the system is designed to protect personal information from leakage. For My Button Ver.1, AIST has developed a terminal device, CoBIT, that plays audio information when the user looks at an object. The system operates on a solar battery and is small and inexpensive. It will be commercially available priced at several hundred yen or less.

Mechanism of CoBIT
Mechanism of CoBIT

The electric current generated by a solar battery will flow directly to the earphone. The device generates sound receiving light signals flashing on and off in accordance with the sound waveform. An infrared light projector-camera system makes only CoBIT visible as it is attached with a light reflector. It is possible to recognize the user's movement and signs, by analyzing the positions of these glowing points. This technology enables interaction between the user and the system. For example, in a museum, when CoBIT asks a user if more detailed explanation is necessary, the user can answer to the question by means of gestures. If the user says "No", the system suggests to move on to the next object.

Future information support system
Future information support system

CoBIT can transmit its identification number through a liquid crystal shutter fitted on a light reflector. The system instantly provides not only auditory information but also music, moving pictures and so on and meets the user's requirement on the spot. This function is operated based on various data such as the user's preference, schedule, previous actions and signals.


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